Ella McCann

by Krystal Christian

Ella McCann never thought of herself as suicidal, at least, not in the stereotypical sense: she didn’t cut herself or practice writing suicide notes or anything. It was more of a passing thought every once in awhile, like when she was driving down the freeway on her commute to work (if I just jerked the steering wheel right here…) or when she was taking pain medication after her root canal (if I took seven instead of two…) or looking out off the balcony of her apartment (if I accidentally fell over this railing…). Ella reasoned that these thoughts were normal, and ignored them as if they were simple wonderings about what she was going to eat for dinner. But, as it turned out, these thoughts were less trivial than they seemed, and only when they stopped occurring did she realize how much they had bothered her. By this time, though, she’d found something new to occupy her mind with: Jack Bellingham. Because now when she was in her car or standing out on her balcony or even taking pain medication, he was usually with her, and that made death look far less appealing than it used to.

6S - C1

Krystal Christian is a sixteen-year-old high school junior who finds writing far more appealing that the usual teenage activities.

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