Five Days & Every Last Minute

by Melody

Your words stung like the whip of a stingray’s tail, leaving scars like invisible tattoos engraved on my skin. Our mother daughter relationship was filled with turmoil during that last year of your life, and we hadn't spoken in all that time. Something told me to call you with forgiveness, and that was when I learned how sick you were; your chances against the cancer were not good. You wanted me to come and put my name on all the special things that I would want when you were gone, but I couldn't do it because I didn't believe that it was true. You went back into the hospital, and I got the call from Dad, “You need to come right away, the doctors said Mom only has five days left to live.” That was all the time I had left with you, Mom, five days and every last minute to let you know how much I loved you for always and forever.

6S - C1

Melody is from British Columbia and enjoys reading, writing and gardening.


MJ said...

This is beautiful, Melody, and so true of mother/daughter relationships. MJ

Anonymous said...

Beautifully wrote, Gillian

Anonymous said...

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