by Diane Sparks

Danica had experienced this sensation of her muscles and skeletal system trying to leap through her skin so many times in the past. Usually she was able to ignore it, but for some reason not today. Whether it created an impulse to grab a stranger on the bus or run down the aisles of the grocery stores screaming, she always managed to contain herself and quiet the jittering in her bones. Today, though, she walked past the glass case and simply couldn’t help herself. She smashed the glass with the metal hammer and as the alarms began roaring in her ears, she ran faster than she ever had in her life. For the first time, her muscles and bones were quiet as her legs turned to jelly.

6S - C1

Diane Sparks, author of 9-1-1, What Is Your Emergency?, is a born-again writer living in Chicago, with an M.A. in English and a day job in HR.

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