Lucid Moment

by Marie Mastracci

Dad walks into the kitchen and is surprised at my presence. “How long are you visiting?” he asks. I tell him I’m leaving tomorrow and tears leak from his cloudy blue eyes. “One minute I’m yelling and the next I’m crying,” he says. There is no time to remind him the yelling was many years ago. A shadow crosses his face as he asks, “Who are you?”

6S - C1

Marie Mastracci is a 52-year-old grandmother trying to write well.


mgirl said...

A very touching and heartbreaking six sentences. Well done.

sometimes Kelley, sometimes "Twizzle" said...

oh mbm, my heart breaks every time I read this. and I love your signature--learning to write well. chocolate all around...congrats on writing well!

Anonymous said...

Six sentences that say so much. Well written, Gillian

Ellen "EJ" Sackett, said...

Beautiful. Heartfelt. Touching. Sincere. Tragic. All at once. All in six sentences, you say it all. ~ ej

MJ said...

Beautiful, Marie. This is so touching. MJ