The Wrong Idea

by Dawn Corrigan

It seems a shame to go through life with a wrong idea, so I set about trying to correct them wherever I encountered them. No, surpressing your libido isn't the better part of morality. Goodness does too exist, and is worth fighting for. Carrying a torch for someone you can't have isn't romantic, it's a waste of your bloody time. Atheism leads more surely to a sense of sanctity than religion, because only if you imagine this as the last and only life we'll have do you begin to treat the breath of others with the tenderness it deserves. But then I remembered: no one likes a know-it-all.

6S - C1

Dawn Corrigan is the author of An Interrupted Meeting. Her fiction has appeared recently or is forthcoming at VerbSap, Pindeldyboz, Monkeybicycle, The Dream People, Rumble, 55 Words, Defenestration, and 3711 Atlantic. Her nonfiction appears regularly at The Nervous Breakdown.

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Ellen "EJ" Sackett, said...

I love this. All the thoughts we keep inside because, in the end, no one really wants to hear what we thing. Superb. Congratulations.