It's All Lies

by Michelle Vanstrom

I've decided to treat everyone the way they treat me. I'll lie. They'll question and wonder why I didn't do what they wanted, but I'll simply tell them I forgot, or I became busier than I expected, or something else demanded my attention, and I became distracted, even though I answered, sure I'll help you. I'll even lie to myself and forget about those morals I own, the ones I'm proud of, that personal code of contact I cherish, all buried under false words. I'll saunter under a mask of indifference pretending it doesn't matter, that incomplete actions and false words don't hurt. I wonder which of us will be more astonished.

6S - C1

Michelle Vanstrom has been published in The Writers' Review, Quadrangle, and the Buffalo News Poetry Page. She won first place in a ByLines Magazine contest. She is a founding member of the Niagara Falls Literary Society, and a member of both the International Women's Writing Guild and the Just Buffalo Literary Center.

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mgirl said...

I've tried that, and it feels worse to do it to others then to have others to do it to you, but I understand what you mean. Great six!