Nothing to Say

by Kellie Jo

I sit down to write something provocative by using only six sentences, but, alas, the blank page I've become screams nothing. Yet, I know some thing lurks, waiting to destroy, in the dark Technicolor flashes – possessed by a muffled voice and a faceless torso with large hands placed over my tiny mouth. Be quiet and listen. Ollie Ollie oxen free! No, it isn't safe yet. Simon says that it isn’t time.

6S - C1

Kellie Jo has been writing for a long time but has just started taking it seriously. She recently received an honorable mention in a flash fiction contest.


Ellen "EJ" Sackett, said...

That's just about right, isn't it? Waiting for something powerful to come out onto the blank page when we have a blank mind. Congrats on the honorable mention! GGG! :-) ej

mgirl said...

It looks like it is time, Kellie Jo. Great six!

sometimes Kelley, sometimes "Twizzle" said...

great 6, KJ!!!

yes, there's no going lightly to the blank page. eek.

I hope we see more from you...

Anonymous said...

Yes we all know the fear of the blank page and you describe it so elegantly. Gillian